Legend has it...

While California was experiencing the historical event of a lifetime during the Gold Rush, a much sweeter revolution was taking place in the opposite corner of the continent. When Robert Tiff heard from his distant cousin Arthur Harper, about the untapped gold mines of Alaska, he began his own conquest to the north, but instead of venturing simply North, he headed North-East. Although Arthur never found gold, he went on to be a well respected trader, whereas Robert had discovered something much more substantial; he had found liquid gold. Convinced that this was what he was looking for all along, he settled down in the region known as Quebec, and spent the rest of his days harvesting Canadian Liquid Gold for himself and his family.

Our team has ventured the world, much like Robert and Arthur, and we have yet to find anything as valuable as the delicious sweetness that pours out of our treasured trees. Today, we carry on the legend of Robert and his excitement in order to share this secret with the world. Robert knew Maple Syrup wasn't new, the indigenous tribes of the land had been cherishing this resource for decades, but to him, this was the natural remedy he had been looking for all along. We follow course with the same drive and passion, to bring Canadian Liquid Gold to every corner of the world.

Blending the perfect Amber is no easy task, we work with over 125 independent farms to create the perfect formula that is 100% natural and organic. It is a myth that everything tastes good is also bad for you, with Canadian Liquid Gold, you don't need to feel guilty about enjoying the taste of your food. So go ahead, take another spoonful, you might be overwhelmed with the health benefits.

Stay Golden,

- Canadian Liquid Gold Team