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100% Natural Medicine!

Maple leafs have been found to have antibiotic properties, all while being able to form a strong protection against liver disease (Ref: 13,14)

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Nature is Powerful!

Coumarins which have known anti-inflamantory, anti-coagulant and anti-tumor properties are found in Canadian maple syrup (Ref: 3,4,10)


Anti-Cancer Properties!

Phenolic extracts of Maple Syrup have been shown to have effects that may stop the growth and replication of human cancer cells (Ref: 6,7)


Delicious Anti-Oxidant!

Maple Syrup has been shown numerous times to possess antioxidant traits, roughly 50% more so than Strawberries and Orange Juices (Ref: 6)


High in Amino Acids!

Canadian Liquid Gold Maple Syrup is high in amino acids, and is an excellent source of manganese and riboflavin   (Ref: 1,2)

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Sweet but not Guilty!

A maple syrup rich diet could offer protection from diabetes and in the treatment process as well (Ref: 12)