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Our Stars

These stars love Canadian Liquid Gold

Maxim Roy

Maxim Roy is a multi-award nominated actress from Montreal, Canada, with over 100 film and television credits to her name, including Regenesis, Heartland, and Defying Gravity. In 2009, Maxim was nominated for a Jutra (Quebec Oscars) in the best supporting actress category for the indie film, Adam’s Wall. This Montreal beauty has also been named one of "Canada's 25 Most Beautiful Stars" by Star! Magazine and "The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Popular Actress" by ICI Montreal.

Aside from her passion for acting, Maxim actively devotes herself to several organizations such as Greenpeace, ANEB (a non-profit organization to help those affected by eating disorders) and recently made a cameo in a television campaign supporting anti-bullying.

Olivier de Montigny "La Chronique"

Creative, inventive, and inspired by the great classics of French cuisine, Olivier de Montigny has earned a solid reputation as one of Montreal’s best chefs. 

At the helm of La Chronique since 1999 with Mark De Cank, who launched the restaurant in 1995, Olivier has made sure their hard work and dedication to top quality, has paid off handsomely. After over 20 years, this establishment remains one of the city’s favourite restaurants. Famed food critic from The Montreal Gazette Lesley Chesterman has said of de Montigny that his style is ‘bold, elaborate’, and that his food tastes ‘posh’; enviable attributes for someone who chose a chef’s career out of pure passion for great gastronomy.

Junichi Ikematsu "Jun I"

Junichi Ikematsu is one of the top sushi chefs in Montreal, whose artistry and finesse are celebrated by the discerning clientele of his restaurant Jun I, located on Laurier Avenue West at the cusp of Outremont. His culinary creations reflect the unconventional training he embarked on that comes to life in his version of modern Japanese cuisine.

Born in Kyoto, Japan, Junichi was schooled in classical French cuisine, but masters the skill to prepare sushi and sashimi according to the most rigorous traditions. His version of hybrid flavours is a reflection of the current ebb and flow in current cuisines around the world: flawless, sophisticated, and daring. A reservation at Jun I is a ticket to culinary paradise

Joe Mercuri "Mercuri Montreal"

Best known for his newest creation, restaurant Mercuri Montreal, Joe Mercuri is one of Canada’s most respected chefs, having swooned over the (hard) food critics from En Route magazine with his previous eatery called Brontë. His taste buds got a jump-start for the most flavourful food, growing up in an Italian household where good cooking was one of the family pillars. 

Joe Mercuri applies an Italian philosophy and a French technique to his cooking. Maybe because, in his own words, he is “part artist and part mechanic”. He says “Montreal is a mosaic, so I’ll use soy sauce, black vinegar, curry, or smoked paprika. My heart is always on the streets of Montreal. I’m a chef from the city.”